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 In 1729, Mads Rasmussen, who was himself born and
 raised in the village, decided tobuild a farm in Millinge
 and named it:

 after a neighbouring hill top, Solbjerg, which was part
 of  the land belonging to the farm. 

 In 1836, Rasmus Hansen married Mads Rasmussenís
 grandchild, Mette Marie Larsdatter. In 1840, he started a
 comprehensive rebuilding of the farm property. After this
 rebuilding, which was finished in 1852, the farm then
 gained its present appearance -apart from a later
 extension of the farmhouse.

T he farm was owned by the family until 1995.



 Our own walnuts 

 In 1808 spanish troops were accommodated at
 Solbjerggaard. In the left part of the yard, they planted
 a Walnut tree which was the mother tree of the Walnut
 sort, Solbjerg.

 The tree, which at that time had a height of 9 metres
 and a width of 17 metres, died in the course of the hard
 winter of 1940-41. 

 Fortunately, our neighbour has a tree of the same sort
 and which we use to flavour our own production of Snaps.